Review: Blake Red – Face It

Got an email from the Los Angeles / Chicago based musician named Blake Red. She wanted us to review her debut-single ”Face It”.

According to the bio; ”Face It” is the “debut-single from the independent hard rock/metal solo artist/singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Los Angeles and Chicago”.

So what do I think about it? Well, it’s a single with lots of influences from the late grunge-sound, but with an attitude from more recent female artists, like Pink, but with metal!

But the thing that really stands out are the lyrics. When I listen to the song I get the feeling of a woman that have to fight for her rights, and maybe been around for some bad shit. Like an Alice in Chains song with a Metoo-feeling about it!

I really hope that the rest of Blake Reds songs have the same quality as this debut-single! Coz I really like it! It’s heavy as hell, it has connections to my old-school grunge, and it has a meaning. And I really like Blakes voice! A voice with attitude and depth!

It’s just one song, but with the right back-up, I think that Blake can go far!

Here’s the video:


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