Review: Cruel Wonders – Gentle Doom

UPDATE!: I had to re-do my review… turned out that I was too fast to judge (and I’m not afraid to say when I was wrong!)… Check out my new review of the album here!

Two weeks ago, we got a mail from Cruel Wonders, a folk noir duo from Tel Aviv, Israel. They’re about to release their debut album “Gentle Doom”.

I’ve been listening to the album on and off, and they play music that I really like to hear. The music is, in their own words: “female-fronted with some blackened doom and dark ambient elements.” Well, there’s no doubt about that.

Here’s the good part. I like the feeling in the music, that dark, soft music. That is music that really speaks to me.

But unfortunately, that’s it. I’ve really tried, but I can’t find one song that really speaks to me in this album.

I guess that, the electric guitar should give something extra, or make me forget about the vocals. But to be frank, I don’t like the sounds of the guitars and I also have a problem with the vocals. Both are shredding through my ears, and the music sounds the same all of the time, it’s too monotone.

I’m afraid to say that this is my first bad review I have written, and it’s hard for me. I really want to promote new music. And I’ve really tried to like the album, and I also played it to my friend that understand my taste in music, and no, this isn’t my kind of music. I really want to like this, but I can’t. Especially when the band managed to find our little website, I wished I could give them a better review, but as I said – this isn’t for me. I’m a metalhead, and this isn’t metal for me.

But, I found a couple of songs that I liked and this is the best of them: “Sometimes a Lover”:

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\m/ Peps


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