Review: Descenery – Stillborn Monolith

Descenery, a band formed in Vladivostok – Russia, by Slava – a musician from Nakhodka, and now consists of Slava and Leon Relentless, two heavy metal youngsters!

The album was released in July 1st 2017.

When I started listen to this album, I had a lot of ideas of what it sounded like, but the more I listen to it, I found that I searched too deep. This is music influenced by “In Flames”. The new wave of In Flames. And for me, I think that this is better than the “new” In Flames.

That might not mean that much, since I really dislike the new In Flames…

But I like this album. Yeah, they might have a problem with their English, and sometimes it’s just weird, but I kind of like this shit! So who cares about all of the above? It sounds like that they found a sound of their own!

And that’s just the thing, I usally don’t like this kind of music. But they have found a sound that works for them. In this case, I would really like more death in the music, but I accept this laid-back-kind of metal. And the more I listen to it I think it is a quite good album. Even though the song “Running out time” is kind of ripp of from In flames and their “Only for the weak”.

The more I listen to the album, the more I like it. I like the fact that they have a “flow” through out the album, and that it’s easy listening. But I sometimes would like to hear more like the song Devided, where they are finding some kind of “this is our sound”, and also get some growling and heavy guitars. I like it more heavy!

In the end, I think this a rather good album. I will continue to listen to it, and I will follow the band (not just only because it’s a Russian band) and I think that they are on the way to find unique sound. They might have to work on the production a bit, and I would need some more guitars and overall a bit more clean sound, and MORE FUCKING METAL!

But it’s a really good debut-album, and if they stay on the path, they will get even better!

\m/ Peps

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