Review: Dool – “Here Now, There Then”

DOOL is new band from The Netherlands, a dark rock band featuring bassist Job van de Zande and drummer Micha Haring from celebrated cult rockers The Devil’s Blood and the most infamous rock singer of The Netherlands, the striking Ryanne van Dorst.

I’m a big fan of The Devil’s Blood, and when I heard the single “Oweynagat”, I knew that I would really like the album.

The album starts with the song “Vantablack” and my first impression is: this is a heavier kind of Ghost, but with a bit more goth-elements. I get this feeling through every song of the album, and song number four – “In Her Darkest Hour” is really Ghost! But I also get some vibes from Sisters Of Mercy, Tiamat, Katatonia and maybe actually Band Of Horses(!)

It’s easy listening, with a kind of heavy, dreamlike and melancholy feel to the music. And I really like the fact that, even if the songs aren’t that long, they take their time to let every song last, and grow.

I really like it! Maybe it’s because I’m in that state of mind right now, but that I like that melancholy. But I really like this darkness. It’s a really good album, and I like it. But, if you hear a “but” coming, you are right. Sometimes the songs are a bit repetitive. It can be hard to separate the songs from each other. But that’s a small problem. This is a great album! And if you’re into music like Ghost, Katatonia and all kinds of Goth,  you will really like this album! If I were giving grades, it would be a strong 3 CRANNKS out of 5.

My favourite songs that you really should listen to is: Golden Serpents, In Her Darkest HoursOweynagat and She Goat.

The album is released today, which is February 17:th 2017, on Prophecy Productions.

And here you find DOOL on Facebook!

\m/ Peps

First the video, then Spotify-link to the album:


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