Review: Dool – Oweynagat

Dool is a Dutch band, featuring members from The Devil’s blood and the death rock group Gold, and they are playing some sort of mix of hard rock, metal and goth. I get the feeling of Sisters of Mercy and a bit from the Swedish bands Beseech and Ghost.

I’ve only listen to the two songs that were sent to me by the record-company, but that’s an amazing start!

The two songs I’ve heard is “Oweynagat” and “Inside the Cave Of The Cat”. While “Oweynagat” is more light weight with a melody that gets me thinking of Ghost, but maybe with a bit more punch, “Inside the Cave Of The Cat” is more gothic version of “Oweynagat”.

I really like this. The album is set to be released on the 17th of February, and I’m for one is really looking forward to it. The album is titled “Here Now, There Then” and will be released by Prophecy Productions.

This is something that you all should listen to!

\m/ Peps

Dool: “Oweynagat”

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