Review: Evergrey – The Storm Within

I discovered Evergrey on the “In search for the Truth”-album in 2001.

Thought it was an amazing album, got the hooks in me right away. After that I started to follow them, and we all know the classic album “The Inner Circle”. After that, it seemed, to me that they struggled to find that great sound that we heard on “The Inner Circle”, and never really found it again.

But, all of a sudden on the previous album, “Hymns for the broken”, I really started to find all that was good with Evergrey. It wasn’t all “in there”, but pretty close… And now, I think that they really have found their way!

The Storm Within is truly a classic Evergrey album,
with great melodies, heavy guitars, heavy-dark-music! The kind of music that Queensrÿche would like to have done! You know!?
Stolen from

Stolen from

Progressive, dark, melodic and heavy music with outstanding vocals from Tom Englund! The way it should be!


The album start of with the song “Distance” – and it kind of sets the tune for the whole album. To be honest, I had a bit of trouble with this song at first, I really had a problem with slow parts, but as I listen to the album, the song just grew on me. And then you have then next five songs, that are just masterpieces in progressive metal, starting with “Passing Through” – really catching! – and ending with the song “My allied ocean”, which could be the heaviest song ever from Evergrey.

Other highlands from the album is the song “In Orbit” – together with Floor Jansen (Nightwish) – the way the voices match each other, well – I get goose bumps!

Amazing album! You really have to check this shit out!

\m/ Peps

Evergrey – Distance:

Evergrey – Passing Through:

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