Review: Or kind of review of new amazing Aussie – metalband “Hadal maw”!!

Got a tip from my friend Jai today. A relative new band from Melbourne, Australia. They call them self “Hadal maw“. Don’t know what that means, but the music is pretty awesome!

Heavy Australian metal-core combined with technical death-ish… that got me thinking a bit about Deprivation and Immorium (which are mentioned here) and actually some Ne Obliviscaris (mentioned here!) Great Aussie-bands, and Hadal Maw is really true to the tradition.

Maybe not so fast music, but it’s really heavy, with a really dark touch to it. And I just love that progressive touch of it all. It’s just weird, heavy fucking metal! You should really try it!

They just released their second(?) album, called “Olm”. Check out the title-song, “The Olm“! Which is really great! As I said, hard and heavy, and sometimes really progressive. This is something that I really want to follow.

Turns out that Aussie-metal is still alive and kicking! 🙂

Discover Hadal Maw:

Video – The Olm:

And of course, the Spotify-version:

Rock on!

\m/ Peps

p.s Images were stolen from: and
The Metal Observer

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    1. Thanks mate! Love your support! And please, keep pushing for the site so that we one day could earn some money from it, and then I can travel to Land Down Under!

      Would love to be able to have a beer with you mate! 🙂

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