Review: Kings of Moonshine – Iron River

“Kings of Moonshine is a Finnish rock band based in Helsinki. Their music is influenced by American roots music and alternative country. On top of this foundation, there’s a specific Finnish touch, psychedelic vibes and a hint of the blues.” This is the official description from the label.

Once again I’m out of my depth here, reviewing a band in a genre that’s not really on my turf… But I do like the “American highway-rock music”. You know, that kind of rock that you really like to listen to while driving on a lone highway… Music like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and stuff like that (as you might see, I don’t have any more names to drop, coz this is really not what I’m usually listing to…)

And if you’re into ”American highway-rock music”, you will really love this album! King of Moonshine play a slow kind of rock music mixed with a whole lot country music and and some fine blend of blues and pop-music. I can find influences like Tom Petty, Creedence, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones… and also some new stuff like Jenny Lewis, Band of Horses.

I really love this album! I’ve only listen to it twice, but I think it’s amazing! It’s a perfect album at work, in your car and when you just want a calm evening. The music is really relaxing guitar-based-sit-down-and-float-away! With BANJO!! And I love the fact that is a band from Finland, our country-neighbor, which I love.

And I REALLY REALLY love the last song of the album: ”Until everything is gone”! The duet with that female singer (she sounds a lot like the Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Ternheim btw) is amazing! Just wishing that the song would be like ten minutes! Another favorite song is “You’re so quite now”, with almost a ZZ-Top kind of sound!

From Sweden with love! This is an album that I will listen to a long time, and so should you!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a song on YouTube from the new album, so here’s an older song, and beneth it you will find the Spotify to the new album!

The album Iron River was released on March 31 on Concorde Music Company


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