Review: Knogjärn – Marscherar & Förstör

It’s been a long cold winter for me right now! Most metal-shit coming out right now, well it doesnt get me in the right place. For the moment there are very few “high-five-moments”. Most metal isn’t for me (maybe I’m getting old…) But thankfully the Swedish band “Knogjärn” released a new album last month!

It’s called “Marscherar & Förstör” (in English: March and destroy) and for me it’s breath of fresh air! It’s angry, it’s melodic and some kind of metal core, with a slight old Swedish punk influences.

I really like this shit! When everybody else sounds old and in line with their old ways, Knogjärn sounds fresh and with an attitude! And I really like the fact that every song has a meaning, always talking about the state of the world and what’s wrong with it.

I generally think that metal bands should have a statement, take a stand and not always talk about ancient stuff or dragons… Well, Knogjärn has a statement: The world is a fucked up place, and it’s all going down the drain!

The music is metal-core in Swedish, with a really tight band that you can tell are really good musicians and have really gotten to know each other. It’s hard driven, heavy and with a really fat sound! I’ve gone ape-shit-mad about the band since I heard their first album “Våldet i ditt paradis” (in English: The Violence in your Paradise), an album with attitude, driven melodies and where you’re just wondering, where the hell is the mosh-pit?

Same with this album. Hard, heavy, melodic – and for me as a Swede that understand the lyrics, with a meaning! I just want to “stand up and shout” when I listen to these guys! I see a great future for this band! For me, Knogjärn is one of the most interesting bands in Sweden right now!

I do have some issues though. The second part of the album kind of slows it down with a bit to much clean singing and the heaviness fades a bit, but on the other hand, it is still a great couple of songs here, and over all, it’s a great fucking album!

If you want, you can read my interview with the singer Kim here!

So, here’s the album: (and don’t miss the video, last in this post – a video that no matter your language, you will understand what it’s all about!)

\m/ Peps

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