Review: Mother Of Millions – Artifacts

Mother of Millions is a five-piece progressive/alternative metal band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2008.

The band released its first album “Human” in 2014. In November 2017, they released their second album “Sigma“, via Swedish ViciSolum Records, getting the most positive reviews from the audience and the global music press. 

As part of Sigma’s release, the band performed a sold-out headline show in Athens, shows with Textures on their last European tour, support shows with Ruud Jolie’s For All We Know in the Netherlands, while the band has shared the stage with artists such as Pain of Salvation, Devin Townsend, Leprous, Oceans of Slumber, SepticFlesh etc.

Artifactsis the third album from the group and it contains rather slow, progressive and atmospheric with blackened mood kind of songs. I never heard this band before, but I draw some parallels to music like Port Noir and Darkher.

There are only seven songs on the album, and it stretches for 41 minutes, which makes the average song about 6 minutes long. I think that’s a smart move, because the songs need time to build up.

The album kicks of with the song “Amber” which also is the first video of the album. Together with “Anchor”they are the “fast” songs of the album. The last song is also the title track, Artefact and it makes up the perfect ending of this album with its slow, atmospheric ground.

I really like this album! It’s maybe not your first choice if you having your buds over for a beer, but if you just want to sit back and listen to music, this is a great album! Head over to their site and pre-order a copy now!

It will be released on 2019-03-22 (Mars 22).


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