Review: In Mourning – Afterglow, maybe the best album of the year!!

Review: In Mourning: Afterglow:

Afterglow - in mourningAs the promo-material says… the heir to Opeth… Forming in the dark woods of Sweden, In Mourning truly gives tribute to the Opeth-legacy. In a really good way I might add. Melodic and dark, yet heavy, death metal, and with a personal touch that, after a while, you will realize that Opeth is just an inspiration, these guys have really found there own way of metal! It’s like something I never heard before. It’s a dream-state, it’s death metal… it so fucking amazing!

I really love this album! I’ve been a follower of the band since the the first album so I really like these lads, but this time they really hit the jackpot!

Afterglow sounds like the natural follow up of the previous album, “The Weight Of Oceans”, but this time the band are going more progressive. More dreamlike I think.

Most of the songs are long, sweeping and about nine or ten minutes long, and I love it!!
I’ll admit that I had to listen to the album like ten times before I really  got it, but when when you did.. it’s so amazing!

Here at, we don’t have a scale, but if we did, I would give this album a five out of five! This is a truly masterpiece!

The album is to be released on may 20th, so get your shit togheter and be on the look-out! You don’t want to miss this album! This is by far, the best album this year!

Best track… I don’t know! You need to listen to the album!

\m/ thePepsRocker


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