Review: Nightmares of The Sun – Sol

A couple of months ago I reviewed the debut single from Nightmares of the sun. It was the single “Approach of the epoch“.

I really liked that song, and now there’s a whole album to listen to! It’s called: Sol It came out in July and I should have listen to it and reviewed it earlier, because this some really great music!

Since the album is completely instrumental, it’s a bit different to listen to, but I find my self just having it in the background, and always thinking that I like what I’m hearing.

It’s an album that is built on progressive metal. Sometimes heavy metal like Iron Maiden and maybe some older Queensrÿche. Or, like the song (is it called song when there is no lyrics, maybe “TRACK” is a better word?) “I don’t think I Am Me, Anymore” that has a great aura of Pink Floyd. But mostly I think of these long instrumental middle parts that you can hear in songs of Iron Maiden, or maybe from that good old days when Opeth did long and winding songs.

I’m struggling to label this music since it has no vocals, because it would be so much easier if you had a singer that would either growl or do some clean singing, then you would know. But it doesn’t really matter. I really LOVE this album! It’s a great album to have as background music while working. But it’s also a great album if you sit with your headphones and just listen.

I love the fact that you really never know where the track(?)/tune is heading. Every track is a kind of mystery, and since it’s instrumental you’re able to get your own personal thought about it and what it is about. I also love the fact that the album contains 8 tracks, with an average of length of 5 minutes and I still think that I could use a couple of more tracks!

Favorite track: “…But They Shall Be The Terros of The Earth

And if I understood the whole thing right (Luke, correct me if I’m wrong here), the band consists of one person – and that is Luke Johnson from Sidney, Australia. If I’m right, that’s one hell of a talent musician!

You should really check this shit out, because it’s great music! (Spotify link at the bottom!)

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Here’s the music:


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