Review : October Tide “Winged Waltz”

I really struggled with this one… know?….to put it into words how I feel about this album….

october tide

Having had the privilege to listen October Tide’s soon to be release album “Winged Waltz” for the past week, I must say that this is truely a master piece!

Production quality is second to none, guitars and drums work together in true harmony with the massive, brutal vocals…….DOOM at it’s very best!!

I’ve never heard October Tide before this and after a couple of spins of Winged Waltz, I found myself going back through their back catalogue to find what I’ve been missing…..and I’ve missed a lot!

Have they reinvented the wheel? no, but the song structure, tone, feel, emotion is……perfection.

Stand out tracks? Reckless Abandon, Coffins Of November and Swarm.

October Tide’s “Winged Waltz” has been added to the short list for Crannk’s 2016 “album of the year”, so we will revisit it towards the end of the year.


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