Orbit Culture Live in Örebro

Last Friday I attended one of the absolute best shows that I ever been to! Orbit Culture has rissen to be my absolute favourite band now. I first heard them when they released the EP “Shaman” in 2021. That EP was like being kicked by a horse in the chest! I totally loved it from the start! And after that, all other music I listen to sounds old! For me this is the future of heavy metal!

It felt amazing to be part of the bands first ever European headline tour where all but 3 shows were sold out! We all say, this was the last time were we could see this band in “small” gigs. In Örebro it could have been about 500 people. The venue was packed to the limit!

I must say, fans of Orbit Culture are the best! Everybody loves the band and the fans! It was the most happy death-metal show I ever been to!

Apperently, OC do shows like Iron Maiden, once the set-list is final – it stays there. Of course we all missed some songs, but the songs we got were all amazing. The show started with a long intro and then burst into “Black Mountain”. Following with “Strangler” just to keep up the pace. The “Get up, Get up” gets the people going a bit crayzy. And just when you are able to get your breath again, they give you “North Star of Nija”! And the crowd goes absolutly wild! And the crowdsurfing starts!

That was actually the first time was hit by a foot in my head! Hahaha! And also, when Richard walks out on the floor with a circle-pit around him, that is epic!

This was an intence show, it only lasted like 1h 15 minutes, but for me, I’m not sure that I could have lasted any longer. The songs are so intence and the temperature in that small place was insane! Exactly the way you wanted it to be!

This show was a 5 out 5! Can’t wait to see what’s in the future for this band. Just amazing! Check them out!

Here’s a live show from 2022 (and if you’re really looking, you can find Rob Flynn – the Machine Head general on stage, which gave Orbit Culture a spot as supporting act to Machine Head and Fear Factory on their North American tour last fall).:


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