Review: Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day

Most of you might already heard the story of Daniel Gildenlöw. Been suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria, which were eating the entire body…. So I won’t go further with that, just telling, so you know what this album is all about….

Thought I would do an awesome review of this new Pain of Salvation album…. But it turned out that I’m not able to express my feelings that runs around my brain while listening to this album.

In the passing light of day, is the new album from my home-town heroes Pain Of Salvation. And it’s a truly amazing album! When I summarize the year of 2017, I think it will be the best album of 2017!!

The last couple of years, I think that the band been stuck in a sound, which I didn’t think that they would recover from. But thanks (?) or maybe due to the severe sickness of founder, singer, writer – Daniel Gildenlöw, this is a remarkable turnaround!

It’s an album that is fucking hopeless to listen to… because you really have to get your headphones on, and really listen! It’s hard, it’s heavy (the most heavy I’ve ever hear from POS), it’s completely way out there… It’s like… what is progressive metal? Well… It’s Pain of Salvation! It’s completely disturbed music, and at the same time, totally right! This might be one of my top 10 albums of all time!! I wish that everybody would be listening to Pain of Salvation!

Listen to this song really LOUD!!!


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