Review: The Quireboys – White Trash Blues

Been listening to the album for quite some time now, and if I got it right, it’s an album of covers? But that doesn’t really matter.

I have a very long, but forgotten, relationship with The Quireboys, all the way back to 1990 and the debut-album “A bit of what you fancy“, and man – I really loved that album! What a party album it was! I get some really hard flashbacks from the days when I went home to my friend Jonas, and we always finished our pre-partys with the songs “7 O’Clock” and “Hey You“. It was the times when we had to sit and drink beer and listen to eurodisco for like four hours, and when the rest of the party were heading to town, Jonas and I had our chance to listen to some metal and rock music for an hour. And the last song we played before we packed our stuff and joined the others, it was always “Hey You” and 7 O’Clock!

Now, when I’m sitting in my comfortable chair (as the old dude that I am) I kind of feel that this new Quireboys album is the link to that old times that I’ve been missing! Although I’ve only listen to two albums with the boys (the first and the second), and the second album made me stop listening to them – this feels like a natural followup to those two albums. The second album, I don’t know… It wasn’t what I had expected, so because of that I havn’t listen to the band for like 25 years….

But this, this new album! I sounds like the album I wanted 25 years ago! It might be that I’ve grown older and wiser, but this is a really cool album! It’s rock ‘n roll, it’s blues and it’s bluesrock and it’s impossible not be sweapt away by the piano and that swing! I’m just sitting here in the dark and stomp my feet!

And the voice is just as raspy as I remember it to be, and want it to be! Raspy and sexy. The difference between “A bit of what you fancy” and “White trash blues” are actually rather big. This album is so much more blues and joy of playing, like they are just jamming the album. The first album was more like “be the Brittish answer to Guns n’ Roses”.  This time its a band with more confidence and an idea of what the bands sounds gonna be.

I really love this album, with it’s dirty sound! Too bad that they relesed it after the summer, it would have been great at the barbeque. This album will be heard the rest of the year, and I’ll have to check upp the back-catalog of the band!

On another note. After listening to “White trash blues” I had to look up and listen to that album no 2, “Bitter Sweet and Tasted” and this time I fucking like it! Funny story, the second song on the album is “White Trash Blues”!

The album will be released on September 5th!

\m/ Peps

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