Review: Sabaton – The Last Stand

There is this band that I really like,

and I think that my fellow blogging friends – Adrian and Marie – don’t really agree with me on this one…

There are many opinions about this band, but for me it really works! I’m into Iron Maiden, and I’m really interested in the sabaton-band history of war, and really, then Sabaton is the ultimate band for me!

And it seems that I’m not alone. They released the new album “The Last Stand” August 19, and two weeks later it was the 6th most sold album IN THE WORLD!!

As a Swede, I think this is so fucking cool! I love the band they are amazing live, and I am confident that this new album will work amazing on the stage. But when I’m listening to the album, I have a hard time giving it more than a average 3.

I love most of the songs, it is great music, and it’s Sabaton, you know. But I don’t like that fact that you have too much keyboards, taking over the songs. It’s drowning the guitars! Otherwise it would have been great! I mean, they actually have Jon Shaffer (Iced Earth) reading as an intro to the song “The Last Stand”! How cool is that??

But, it is actually a really cool and great album. Just listen to the song “The Lost Battalion”, where you really can hear the sound of the caterpillar band! Or the vibes of Deep Purple in “Blood of Bannockburn” – a song about the Scottish revolution!

But my favourite song really is “Winged Hussars“! Yes, I know, it could be a new version of the song “The Art of War”… But it’s a great piece of old school, and power metal song!

Wanna listen? First you have the Spotify-link to the album, and below, some nice videos!

\m/ Peps

Listen to the caterpillar bands!


Blood of Bannockburn:


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