Review: Skallbank – Grav Efter Grav

First of all, this EP is in Swedish… 🙂

Skallbank, yet another of this amazing bands coming from this small town Karlstad in Sweden. But with a sound that is really hard to put a label on.

This is the first EP from the band, earlier they’ve only released one song at the time.

Musically, I get a lot of early Hellacopters with a splash of Motörhead and a whole lot of punk rock, with scream vocals. It’s a kind of “pissed off” version of these two bands combined!

Do I like it? Well, after a couple of listenings I really do! Its angry and its catching heavy rock ‘ n roll! The more I listen, the more angry I get, and I just wanna jump the table and scream!

Since I’m Swedish, and the lyrics is in Swedish, I really like the lyrics, but for you that don’t understand the lyrics, the music is hella good!! Angry, with rock n roll int the bottom! And so is the lyrics!

If I had one complaint it would be that that this four songs are fare to short! I want more!

It fucking ROCKS with an ATTITUDE!! (EP on Spotify, after the video!)

\m/ Peps


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