Review : Spektr “The Art To Disappear”

Spektr, Spektr, Spektr…….What is there to say about Spektr? Brutal, tender, blisteringly fast, dreamy………unique, very unique!

People will always tell you that a band sounds like BLAH BLAH or they’ve copied stuff from BLAH BLAH but that’s all bullshit, for me Spektr are a breathe of fresh air, melting thrash, black and industrial metals with elements of drum and bass (maybe), Jazz? and punk but just enough for you to stop and think “wait……what?” before tearing your face off with brutal force!

If you here for subliminal, poetic lyrics, you’re looking in the wrong place, Spektr are predominately instrumental with samples over layed which works really well.

Picking out stand out tracks is really hard with an album like this, most tracks fade together to create one album……think Krokmiten or Pink Floyd.

For me Spektr is not for back ground noise for a party, this is an album/band that deserves your full attention.

Check them out for yourselves, we would be interested to hear what you think…..


Metaldad \m/


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