Review: The Moth Gatherer – The Earth Is The Sky

I have to say that musically, this year has started off rather good, and it keeps coming new stuff. We at manage to be on the promo-list for Agonia Records and earlier this week we got our first mail from the company.

The first band I listen to after that pr-mail, was the band The Moth Gatherer from Stockholm, Sweden, with the album The Earth Is The Sky. The album was actually released already in November, but I still count it as a discovery made this year!

And what a discovery I made! Had I found this album last year it would have been a top-candidate for album of the year! One outstanding album, where the music gets me thinking about Cult of Luna, Kongh and so on.

Heavy sludge mixed with dreamlike atmospheric tunes and possibly some smaller parts of black metal riffs. It really feels like a solid album where all the parts fits together, even if the opening track feels a bit happier than the rest of the album.

Best track: Dyatlov Pass, a song that makes me believe I’m caught in a dream, but in the best possible ways, and I don’t want it to end ever!


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