Review Tides Of Ire Deadline EP and Interview with Leo

Review for Tides Of Ire Deadline EP due out 22-6-2018 and Interview with Leo

Tides Of Ire are a Metal/ Nu-metal band from Kent in the United Kingdom. And with this their third release the Deadline Ep, have really created a great album capturing the style and sound of  classic nu-metal bands of which I grew up on healthy doses of.

Deadline is the intro and title track which sets you for what is an album which will almost immediately grab the listener and  with the amazingly, great catchy vocals that will sink the hooks right in with Fleshwound. There is a great nu-metal sound right through this, but also managing to craft a tight, professional sound that is their own. Tides Of Ire deliver a blistering powerhouse of an Ep

that every Nu-metal fan and just fans of great music in general will appreciate.So on the 22nd of this month get this in your hands or devices and Crannk it up.

Check out the track Repent Replenish off their last EP the Burning Sea, Click on the link

Here is my Interview with Leo from Tides Of Ire

JAI?:  First off who are Tides Of Ire and how did the band come about?

LEO: Tides of Ire are 5 dudes who love playing music and love doing it together. The band was started by Aidan Jee in 2014 who was the original lead guitarist, me and Sam Aldridge joined the band and the 3 of us spent a few months jamming and looking for the right members until we found Matt Kateley and Mark Wills. Aidan left the band in 2016 because of his work and was replaced by James D. Harper.

JAI?:  How would you describe Tides Of Ire and what are some of your influences?

LEO:  I’d say that Tides of Ire are a Metal band influenced by different bands of different genres. We don’t really think about what we want to sound like, instead we just play what we like and mix all our ideas and whatever come out of it it’s what we do really. We have different influences in the band, we go from pop punk to progressive rock to hip hop to hardcore and to metal. Parkway Drive, Machine Head, Gojira, Limp Bizkit and Rage Against The Machine are some of out influences.

JAI?:  Just one question about yourself because I am always keen to hear this. What motivated and inspired you to start playing metal?

LEO:  I started playing drums when I was 18 because my friends and I wanted to start a band. I don’t really know how I became a metal drummer, I guess my music taste changed with the years and my drumming followed it. I’ve started with pop punk because it was easy, and it was the main genre of music I listened to at the time and then I got into Nu Metal, where I discovered Lamb of God, and my life was never the same again. (ha ha) I can say that my drumming style would be a mix of my 3 favourite drummers which are Travis Barker (blink 182) John Otto (Limp Bizkit) and Chris Adler (Lamb of God).

JAI?:   Deadline will be the third release from you guys what was that whole process like recording this EP?

LEO:   We spend a lot of time rehearsing the songs before we go to the studio because we try to get as much done in each day of recording. This EP was recorded in 4 days. 1 day for drums as I’m terrible with the metronome and 2 days for bass and guitars. Mark split his day into 2 sessions over 2 nights to get all the main and back vocals done. We also had Nancy Okay recording some of the vocals with us.

JAI?:   Deadline will be out on the 22nd of this month how would you describe this album? And as a drummer what’s your favourite track off the album to play?

LEO:   We like the idea of concept albums and we’ve decided to turn Deadline into one as 2017 was a hard, personal year for all of us so we tried to pass it to our music and write the EP about it. I love playing all the songs but the one I have more fun playing live is At The Gates because it’s the least technical and I can do some headbanging while playing it.


Check out the links below for more on Tides Of Ire

Tides Of Ire Bandcamp page

Tides Of Ire FB page

Tides Of Ire are

Leonardo Ozorio (Drums)
James Daniel Harper (Guitar)
Sam Alldridge (Bass)
Matt Kateley (Guitar)
Mark Wills (Vocals)
\m/ CRANNK and Jai Anderson That Aussie Metal Guy \m/



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