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So, I’ve been listening to the new Atryeu album “Long Live”, in all honesty I’ve never been a fan, never bought and album or never really given them much of a thought.

Atreyu, long live, crannk, metaldadBut as I am always in the search for different music and YouTube is a great source, I came across their new clip….

Atryeu “Do You Know Who You Are?”

And while being pretty “anthemic”, it has a good message and I could just picture the whole crowd singing along…..couldn’t you?

So, I grabbed a copy and chucked it on.

It’s just a cool fucking driving on a hot day with the windows down blasting kind of an album! (does that make sense? who gives a fuck if it doesn’t) check this out….

Brass Balls

Other stand out tracks are “Moments Before Dawn”, “Reckless” and “Live To Labor”.

After listening to this, I’d pay money to go see these guys live, good to see not all metal bands are just blast beats and break downs (as much as I love that),

Find more here Atreyu and AtreyuFB or even

We’d love to hear your feedback……love it or hate it?

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