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the-unknownThe Vision Bleak

is a band from Germany, and they describe themselves as “Horror Metal in perfection”, and from the beginning it’s a band with only two persons – Ulf Theodor Schwadorf och Allen B. Konstanz. And from 2015 they have had help from Fursy Teyssier with their live-shows.

This is the first album I ever heard from The Vision Bleak, but by far not the last! I’m about to explore everthing after hearing this album!

It starts off with a very dramatic piano-like-intro, and already at this point I know that I’m stuck! This is really my kind of tea-cup! The intro together with the first song “From Wolf and Peacock” give me a sense of Moonspell, but with a hint of Sisters of Mercy kind of vibes, and I’m so fucking happy! And we’re talking goth-metal here, brothers and sisters! 😀

You can tell, and you really hear that the band really WANTS to prove something with this album. It’s soo nice and well produced and in songs like “From Wolf to Peacock” and the title-track “Into the Inknown” you can really touch that feeling; “this is going to be damn good!” The song “Into the Unknown” really invites you, the listener, to feel the song, to feel how you will bang your head off! And yes I will have to wear a cervical collar!

The album is dark, heavy and melodic, and very much goth – and just when I think that, “this can’t get any better…”, well… the finish it all off with the song “The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed”…. 7,5 minutes of pure magic!

This is a heavy challenger to the title of the best album of the year 2016, all categories! It’s going to be a thrill following this band!

And apparently, they are about to start a European tour together with Swedish band Pain with legendary Peter Tägtgren!

Here’s some music, first from Spotify, and then a nice youtube-video!

The Vision Bleak: Into The Unknown:

The album is released by Prophecy Productions

BTW, the featured image is borrowed from The Vision Bleak | Official Website | German Horror Metal


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