Review: Vnter – Broken Mirror

Vnter is a Swedish band , borned in 2017 in Gothenburg and they are planning to release a new album of 13 songs. And this is the first song.

The plan is to release one song a month for thirteen months, that way VNTER is constantly up to date with new music for over one year straight.

Vnter plays real rock music and “Broken Mirror“is a really catchy song! I like it. It’s not amazing, but it’s a song that would really work live, and it’s a great party song! It’s hard rock. Period.

It’s a good song, with a great chorus, but I’m not sure if I will remember it next year. On the other hand, I am a bit curious about the next 12 songs… coz they can be really great. Great musicians, and great vocals.

I’m thinking that the band have a really interesting concept here. It might be good, or it can be really bad… It can be a great way to make people keep up an interest. But on the other hand, just listen to one song for a month….? I don’t know. It can be a genious move. I really hope it is!

I remember my interview with Knogjärn ealier where they talked about that it might not be another new album, but rather releasing new songs, one at the time. Two bands thinking alike.

So maybe Vnter has worked it out?

Here’s the song “Broken Mirror” by Vnter, and it’s a great song!:


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