Review: Wookhawk – Beyond The Sun

In the promotion text you can read: “for fans of The Sword, Truckfighter etc…” And yes, I also get that feeling, but I can also find some Band of Horses, Rival Sons, some old grunge stuff like Alice in Chains and plenty of 70s rock.

Woodhawk is a band from Calgary, Canada and the album “Beyond the Sun” is their second album (not debut-album which I wrote on Facebook the other day). Riff-based rock that makes you move, weather you want or not! The singing is great and the music tight! The pressure the get in the song (and single) “The High Priest” is so damned heavy and so much rock! And the team behind Star Wars has to be so sorry that they didn’t contacted the band for the song “A New Hope“! I mean, you’ve got to love a song that starts with the lyrics: “There’s been a disturbance in the force…” An amazing song!

Another great song is “Magnetic North“, that just want to make me leave everything and go north and discover the wilderness, it gets me in such a good mood!

That’s tre of the 9 songs of the album I’ve tried to describe, and the rest of them is equally good. I mean take the title-track “Beyond the Sun“… Amazing! Think it defiends the band actually. It builds up for like 2½ minutes, wich is really good, and the riffs starts to work the song. First time I heard the song I knew I would like the album!

I’ve really tried to find a song that I don’t like, but I can’t! This is a great album, and I am gonna carry it with me for a long time! Do check em out, you will not be sorry!

\m/ Peps

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Woodhawk is found over here:


Facebook: Woodhawk


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