Agent 37: Dynamo

Among Vultures”Self titled album”

Aluminum Monster: Mashing It – Live at The Tote

Blind Man Death Stare “Comin’ In Hot”

Bricks: Crimes & Curses

Broken English: Leave album

Clowns: Nature/Nurture

Colussus Fall: Earthbeat

Crea: Dwarves & Penguins

Dero: Aim Low Reach For The Middle

Diabolic Rites: Litanies Of The Lecherous

Discover A Fire: The Rest Is Mystery

Donkey Vote- Home and Hosed

Frontback: Don’t mind the noise

Hybrid Nightmares-Obelisk

Intrøspect: Ad Astra

Massive: Rebuild Destroy

Morgan Rider And The Deep Dark River: Leviathan And The Deep Dark Blue

Mother of Millions: Artifacts

Nautical Mile: The Only Way Is Through

The Packets: Bad People

Pizzatramp-Grand Relapse 

Pretty Wild: Interstate 13

Red Cain: Kindred Act 1


Stoned To Death The 4:20 Sessions

The Donald Trumpets: Waterboarding At Guantanamo

The One Two’s: No Ticker” Single

The One Two’s: Fight The Good Fight

Truth Corroded “Bloodlands” album review:

Trashed Again: Another Way To Fail

Wreckless Enterprise: Short Fuse Vol. 2


American Grim: Freakshow

Artemis Blade: As Above… So Below

As A Rival: Griefers

Battlegrave: Relics Of A Dead Earth

Blake Red: Face It

Captives: Over The Rainbow

Guardians Of Time: Tearing Up The World

Pontus Snibb’s Wreck of Blues: Too old to die young

Ryders Creed: Ryders Creed

Submerge: Insert Control

Superscream: The Engine Cries

Tides Of Ire: Deadline

Tired Eyes: In Denial, Force A Smile

Zeresh: Sigh for Sigh


Absinthe From Society: Absinthe From Society

Angelwings: The Edge Of Innocence

Black Aces: Anywhere But Here

Cruel Wonders: Gentle Doom

Gentle Doom Revisited…  Cruel Wonders and Gentle Doom keeps haunting me!

Dool: Here Now, There Then

Dool: Oweynagat

Frankenbok: Vicious,Lawless

Frode Hovd’s Aldaria – Land Of Light

Hadal Maw: The Olm

Hybrid Nightmares: Almagest

Iced Earth: Incorruptable

Idlewar: Rite

Kings of Moonshine: Iron River

Knogjärn: Marscherar & Förstör

Lódz: Time doesn’t heal anyting

M I N D L A N E: Unspoken Silence

Nale: Ghost Road Blues

Pain Of Salvation: In The Passing Light Of Day

The Quireboys: White Trash Blues

Sepultura: Machine Messiah

Skallbank: Grav Efter Grav

Sparzanza: Announcing The End

Tequila Mockingbyrd: Fight and Flight

Tüstnad: Välkammad & Jagad

Woodhawk: Beyond the Sun


Beholder: Reflections

Darkher: Realms

Evergrey: The Storm Within

In Mourning: Afterglow

Morito Ergo Sum: A Mournful Foreboding

October Tide: Winged Waltz

Sabaton: The Last Stand

Spektr: The Art to Dissapear

The Moth Gartherer: The Earth Is The Sky

The Vision Bleak : The Unknown

Tüstnad (in Swedish): Flätad & Kränkt

Tüstnad (in English): Flätad & Kränkt

Live shows:


New Dead Metalfest 8 2017

Technical death festival in Montreal!: INTO THE DEN OF THE BEAST

Superheist Raise Hell Tour!

Blaze Bayley live in Strängnäs!

Bonafide, Warner Drive and BADiTUDES at the Royal! (English, Swedish)

Thy Art Is Murder / Meshuggha live in Sidney!

A 70s night at Royal Rock with Abramis Brama, Magnolia and Kometen! (In English)

70-tals kväll på Royal Rock med Abramis Brama, Magnolia och Kometen! (Swedish version)


Report from the festival Metallsvenskan (in Swedish):

Rapport från Metallsvenskan (in English):

Ringo Franco: Live in Torshälla (in Swedish and English):