Royal Republic – The rescuer in my need

Actually, I don’t remember how I discovered Royal, but what I do know is that the gentlemen in Royal Republic saved me when I had to endured a hell of a winter in the small town Norrtälje, a two hour bus-ride from Stockholm.

It was a dark autumn of the year 2010. I was sent on a mission to this small town. In the summer, it’s an amazing little town in Sweden. In November it’s a ghost town! They put me in a B&B, and I was totally on my own! The local shop closed at 6 pm, and the only thing that was opened after that was the local sports-pub. The few times I went there it was me and the local alcoholics….

I had to commute to get there. I left home on Sunday night, and got home at Friday night. It took me somewhere between 3 to 5 hours to get to Norrtälje and the same to get home.

On my way from home to, and away from Norrtälje, I listen to books or watched some series on my laptop. But it was when I walked from my B&B to work, a 30 minutes walk, in the darkness in November, with rain and snow flying around my face, that’s when I really listened to the first album with Royal Republic – “We are the Royals”!

That weird mixed of New York Dolls, The Hives and Danko Jones really made me survive that horrible autumn/winter! Three months away from my family. But it’s music that really makes me happy! It’s weird, funny and they really do it in the best kind of ways. Great musicians and damn good singer! And most of all, they do music that no other does today! Something that I lack in the music today otherwise.

Royal Republic are a band from Malmö in Sweden and they are:

Adam Grahn – vocals/guitar
Hannes Irengård – guitar
Jonas Almén – bass
Per Andreasson – drums

Royal Republic: Tommy-Gun:

An AMAZING acoustic version:


When I see you dance with another:

Royal Repbulic on Spotify:


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