Sepultura – Machine Messiah review

I seen something on Facebook a few weeks ago, an old friend asked about the new Sepultura and if it was worth listening to and after the usual “don’t bother no Max no Sepultura” rubbish, I though I’d go and have a listen for myself and give an honest review of what I though.

Firstly I’ll admit that the last Sepultura album I bought was “Dante XXI” in 2006, which was…..well……I didn’t bother buying after that and I’ve never really been a fan of Derrick’s voice.

The first thing that got me about this album was the diversity of the music, it’s still metal (very metal) but they are not trying to play 80’s thrash metal (although there are still moments), they’ve grown and the talent on display is second to none!

I’ve always liked Andreas’ monstrous guitar work and this album is jam packed full of riff madness, those solos with that WAH effect that is his signature.

Eloy is an animal behind the drums! if you want to show someone what a lazy metal drummer looks like just show them a clip of Eloy, he would have to be up there with the best metal drummers (if not all drummers) going around at the moment.

Derrick? well his voice is…..about the same BUT the big difference (for me) is the music if fitting for his vocals and I also like the fact that there is clean, DEEP vocals in there.

I honestly like the whole album and I implore any of the “old” fans to give it a run, most will be pleasantly surprised.

Some of my favourites are the title track “Machine Messiah” (Derricks vocals and Andreas’ guitar), “Sworn Oath” (the power, precision and wave of music) , “Silent Violence” (just listen), “Vandals Nest” (THRASH \m/ with a difference).


Time to renew my fan club membership.
While I was out today I grabbed a copy of “The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart” and while I only listened to a couple of songs, it seems like Derricks vocals get lost in the noise of the music but more on that another day.
Metaldad \m/

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