Show review Venom Inc Adelaide Enigma Bar Australia

Venom Inc with Desecrator and Hidden Intent at The Enigma Bar, Adelaide ,Australia 2-3-2018

After twenty years Venom are back in Venom Inc with Mantas (guitar), Abaddon (drums) and Demolition Man (bass/vox) aka Jeffrey Dunn, Anthony Bray and Tony Dolan.

And as a heavy metal fan if there was any show not to be missed then this would have to be it.

The first band and local support were heavyweights Hidden Intent who really started the night out with a bang as the crowd started to fill up the enigma bar.

The next band and main support for Venom Inc on their Australian tour Desecrator hit the stage next.I have become quite the fan of these guys this was the second time I have seen them and can not say enough about how good Desecrator are with their infectious style of thrash (check out our Desecrator feature in CRANNK).

Finally the almighty Venom Inc were on stage, and as i am getting older I realise how great it is to get the chance to be seeing Venom Inc in Australia these guys are legends they paved the path that we rock on with bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motorhead riding the new wave that would become heavy metal today.

This was an amazing night they started the night with a track off their new album and played loads of classics from black metal to warhead . This was truly a night to be remembered and Adelaide hold your horns high it was great to see you all supporting. The organisers of this tour Doug Dalton and Hardline media need to be congratulated on this tour they do an amazing job busting their ass to bring bands like Venom Inc to Oz so also big horns up to everyone involved in getting this to happen. And if you get the chance to catch any of these three fine bands around the globe do go and see them you will not be disappointed.

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