Strange Peps Music – Part 1 – Sator

Well, this is maybe not that strange, but maybe an easy way into my journey…

I think that we’ll start in the late 80s, with Sator from Borlänge, a middle-sized town in the lower part of middle Sweden. In my opinion, there’s never been a band in Sweden like Sator before, and there still aren’t. But we can find a lot of bands that came after Sator that was influenced by Sator.

This is a band that was really unique and created a new dimension of Swedish post-punk/rock music. When Sator arrived, people listened to stuff like Europe, Belinda Carlisle, Lambada and Madonna. So, lucky for me, I went to a school that appreciated stuff that was different. And man, Sator was different at that time.

Sator made a huge difference on my music in those days. I was 16 and they rocked my world at the time. A song like “It’s so cold without my gun” really shook me to the bones. I still remember these days in school where we were skipped school, sitting in the cafeteria and listend to Sator, played a game of black jack and drank too much coffee…. Those were the days!

And as I said, the made a huge difference to me at that time. I think that this was the moment were I opened up to some more heavy and twisted music.

To really understand the band, read my interview with Chips from Sator. You can find it here:

Interview with Sator, part one: “Chips from Sator on prehistoric age and the future: Too few influences just makes you a copycat!

Interview with Sator, part two: Chips from Sator on prehistoric age and the future: No The Boys, no Sator!

And a new interview with Chips after the show in Eskilstuna (interview in Swedish):

And now check out some great sound of Sator, starting with this song, “Gamma Gamma Hey”:

Or my favorite from that album, Pigvalley Beach:

And the most fucked up song ever: 23 B.C.


And here, together with my favorite Swedish rock n’ roll artist – Thåström:


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