Strange Peps Music – Part 5 – Noice

Strange Peps Music – Part 5 – Noice

2nd February 2018 0 By Peps

Noice was a band that I discovered in 1980, when I was 9 years old! But they really made a huge impact on me, and I think that I’m still a musical product from that band!

At that time in Sweden, there was kind of a battle of the bands. It was like, either you listen to Noice, or you listen to “Gyllene Tider” – lead by Per Gessle who gave us Roxette… we all know who won the battle…

While Noice was portrayed in the media like the band from the big city with more rough music, Gyllene Tider was small town and easier pop. But Noice was more the punk/sleeze of Swedish pop music at the time. And I really liked the music by Noice!

This isn’t the time to tell the story of the band Noice, it will take too much time, I have too much feelings about that band… But I will say this… This is my tribute to a band that started my musical journey and eventually lead me into where I am to today, and I celebrate the singer: Hasse Carlsson, and the keyboardist Freddie Hansson. Hasse died in the year 2002, and Freddie died in the year 2001. All too young!

Noice, with Hasse and Freddie made me listen to great music and lead me into the heavier kind of music!

Noice: En kväll i tunnelbanan (A night in the subway)

Noice: “Jag Vill Inte (Va som alla andra) – (I Don’t wanna – be like everbody else)

Noice: Dolce Vita

Noice: Ett bedårande barn

Noice: Svart Läder