Strange Peps Music – part 6: Electric Boys

Hi! This i Peps again, and I’m continuing my journey of Swedish bands that made me the man I am today. The lesson today is the band Electric Boys, a band that played a mayor part for me in the late 80s/early 90s. And still today, they are a big part of my musical life!

When Electric Boys started out they were called “The Swedish answer to Guns n’ Roses”. But I never thought that Electric Boys sounded anything like that. They always had a style of their own, Rock ‘n roll with a touch of funk and Beatles! In the early recordings it’s like listening to a young Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

At the time, they released three albums, but unfortunately album number two and three were just in the middle of the grunge-era, so they never got the attention they should have gotten. And that’s too bad, these first three albums are fucking amazing!

But on the second hand, they also gave us a really cool rock-legend in the singer Conny Bloom! The second most rock-star after Thåström (the most rock-legend in Sweden!)!

Maybe that that 3rd album was a bit “out there”, got the feeling that they wanted to be a new “The Doors”…. Ended up with a really spaced-out-there-album, but it’s still an amazing album with all of the touch of Electric Boys. I think this album is a mix of album 1 and 2 in a way. It’s funky, but with the guitars from Groovus Maximus.

That first album though (Funk-O-Metal-Carpet-Ride), that made a mark across the world… I can’t find a single bad song on it! And it contained the hit single “All Lips ‘n Hips”, but the entire album is AMAZING! The title says it all actually, it’s a funky metal ride all the time!

At this time they also did a song together with the Swedish comedian “Svullo” (who tragically took his own life in 2005) which went bananas in 1990. It was the song “För fet för ett fuck!” (in English: “Too fat for a fuck”)

Album number two (Groovus Maximus) was actually a make it or break it album. I really loved that album! It was a completely new sound, yet you heard it was Electric Boys. A bit more heavy, a bit more metal. Unfortunately, I were quite alone in that opinion at the time. But I really love the sound and the way they treat the guitars on songs like “The Sky Is Crying” and “Knee Deep In you” or actually the whole damn album!

They did a re-unite a couple of years ago, and while the music is still the same, I don’t get the same feeling now a days. Maybe it’s because they started in 1989…. But, the music is still a part of me, it’s a part of who I am, and you should really check em’ out! It’s really PARTY ROCK ‘N ROLL!!

The band is still alive and kicking! Here is the latest single: “Suffer”:


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