Strange Peps Music – Part 2 – The Sinners

For me, The Sinners is a kind of the beginning of the Hives, and the band that gave me the title: “Ah, it’s that Peps kind of music…“! 

The first time I heard the band was on national radio in 1990 with the single “Love You More Than This“, and I just fell right over from that song. I was 19 years old, working as a delivery-boy and, at that time my most musical wondering were “what’s up with that new Iron Maiden album…”… kind of… So maybe, I was struggling in my musical thoughts at the time, and needed something new in my life?

I think that this band might have some influences of Sator (as described in my first post on my weird Swedish music), with some elements of Rockabilly kind of music.

I really loved The Sinners second album – “Piece By Piece“! With amazing song-titles like “Kiss Her To The Bone” and “Sucking You Dry“, although my favourite songs on the album were “Sleepwaker” and “Beware”.

They released three more albums, the debut album  “From the Heart Down” and after that,  “Turn It Up” and “Come Fly With Us“, but when they released the third album “Turn It Up”, I think that I had moved on, or didn’t understand the album, or just were in another place in my musical life, cos I only liked one song from that album. And it was my loss, because it’s a great album. And so is that forth album, which I never listened to (until now that is…).

Great rock n’roll band that deserved a greater audience!


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  1. Hi there! “PieceByPiece” was their second album. Ther debut album was “From the Heart Down”. One of the best bands from Sweden.

    1. Ah! Thanks! I didn’t know that! Thats exellent, it means that I have a “new” album to discover with The Sinners! 🙂

      Thanks for the info, I will update the article.

      \m/ Peter

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