Strange Peps Music – Part 3 – Clawfinger


A band I discovered the summer of 1993. A summer that turned out to be the last summer in my first home after I moved out from my parents’ home. A summer where I put the speakers (and they were BIG!) in my window, playing on max!

They played a rap/metal/industry – mix of music! At that time, never heard of before!

Clawfinger got famous almost right away. First of all, they have a song called “Nigger”… It’s a real anti-racists song, but of course most people thought of it the wrong way. In an interview on Swedish TV, Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe celebrated the song, just because they thought it was a racist song.

Second, they were supported by, at that time, really big Swedish rap band – “Just D”.

That summer me and my lady went to the most chaotic show I’ve ever attended! When Clawfinger hit the stage as the special guest act, the crowd went completely mad! I had to literally fight people off! And it was great! When the headliner (Just D) entered the stage, they had to have a stripper, just to get some attention!

Clawfinger was a Swedish/Norwegian band, where two of the members met when they were hospitalized and realized that they had almost the same likings in music. The rest is… well history!

Really loved that band. Especially that first album, that was an amazing album, and at 1993, you had never heard something like that. At that time, it sounded brutal! 😊 And you can’t find a single bad song on the album! One of the best “first-albums” I ever heard!

Clawfinger: Nigger:

Clawfinger: Warfare:

Clawfinger: Do what I say:

Here’s Clawfingers first album on Spotify:


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