Strange Peps Music – Part 4 – Straight Up

The feature “Strange Swedish Music” is a way for Peps to make people understand why Peps is Peps…

There was once a band that got the idea that would play “fuck n’roll“… They were called “Straight up“.

They lived for one album. It was called “Faster and Deeper“. A Mötley Crüe influenced album, but with poor English and even worse production. Speaking of #metoo, these guys wasn’t really political correct…

I bought the album, and today I still don’t know why! I blame it on being 1991, and I had just turned 20. I thought that the first song was pretty OK, but when I listen to the song “Fist fucking generation” today I realize that maybe it wasn’t that good at all…

The start of the story? Here it is!


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