Summer – heavy music and heavy running

I didn’t plan to run this year, but then I saw the video from last year when I participated, and I got all tearful of the views and really happy inside. So, I realized that I actually have to run the race again. The race I’m talking about is AXA Fjällmaraton, a marathon in the Swedish mountains, 44 km and 2200 ascending meters! Last year it took me 6 hours and 30 minutes to finish…

Here’s the video that made me so happy!:

To be able to get the right amount of training for an event like Fjällmaraton I think I will be in need of some really good music. When I run far in my training I will run for 4 hours so I have to have some music with me. One album that I listen a lot to lately, and which is really growing is the latest album from Amon Amarth – Jomsviking! This will help me a lot on the way! 🙂

And there will also be a lot of music by In Mourning, that so far this year, have the best album out! Their long winding songs will be perfect out in the woods!


\m/ Peps


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