Album review: ROULETTE: NOW!

Roulette was formed in 1985 in Sundsvall, Sweden. All members have great experience with other bands before.

According to the record label and the bands FB-page, they play AOR. I fucking hate that label! For me, AOR = SHIT!

Thankfully, there is only like 2 songs that is AOR, the rest is hard rock in the line of Pretty Maids, Eclipse, H.E.A.T. with a slight touch of good old Gun, and even some Bryan Adams! And when these guys rock, you have some pretty good party music!

The album start of with a really strong party rock song in the form of “Never Enough”! Next tune is “Keep On Dreaming” and it gets me thinking of the first album with Gun, and that is a really good thing!

I almost like the slow song “Secret Room” as well… and I really don’t like slow songs! But maybe there’s a reason that it stayed 125 weeks on the Classic Rock Chart!!

Although I think that the album is a bit weaker on the last songs, I really think that there are no bad songs on the album. The sound is great and it really fills the room, and really well produced. It’s a really tight band and Thomas Lundgren on vocals is outstanding! It’s not heavy, but it’s damn fine rock music! Really want to follow this band in the future

The album will be released on Mars 22! That’s really long from now, but be patient, it will be worth it!!!

Here you can find some more stuff about the band:



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