The JACKS – The 3:5 track single

The JACKS from my hometown Eskilstuna in Sweden has just released their new E.P.: “The 3:5 track single”. And what you get is some good old garage/heavy rock, with a sniff of Motörhead.

The intro to the first song “Phoenix Rising” is just awesome, and when the song kicks in you just wanna kick back and stomp your feet! It’s hard to describe, but it sounds a bit like that it’s been a though life and you feel a bit tired. I can really feel the song.

Second song “I Just Wanna Play Rock n’ Roll” starts with the base-riff from Killed by Death! And then keeps going with some old school rock, with a great feeling! It’s a party song with a great solo guitar! It’s completely different from “Phoenix” but at the same time, they go hand in hand and it’s a good match on the album.

Third and last song; “Love Fever” is a bit harder to review since I don’t like slow songs. But this song reminds me of the bands I listen to when I was a small boy in the beginning of the 80:s, so I kind of like it anyway. 🙂

This is a couple of raw, unpolished songs from the heart, and I’m very proud to hear that they are from my hometown! This is the kind of music that actually makes me wanna promote my town. Heavy stoner rock but with a touch of freshness and also a touch of the old days. I specially like the fact that the music is not trying to be anything else, it’s just good music.
Like it a lot.


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