The Moth Gatherer: Esoteric Oppression – Review

According to the record label “The Moth Gatherer is a band of varying genres, centered around atmospheric doom, sludge and post metal. Their prolific approach includes electric musical stylings, along with traces of melodic post-rock.”

Id don’t know much about that really. I don’t really understand metal genres, but to me, listening to The Moth Gartherer and the album “Esoteric Oppression is like listening to your own walking to the grave kind of music and still enjoy the walk to the grave!

Apperently, The Moth started as a way to fill the void of loss of people they loved. And since I recently have come to be in that position, I really got a new understanding of the music. My mother is in a rapid Alzheimer disease diagnos right now, and when I look at pictures of my mom, and listening to this music… Well I don’t know if I’m happy that other people have the same feeling, or if I am just connected to my mother. But the music really gives me comfort whiles tears are running…

I think that I’ve already gave you a hint of what kind of music you’re listening to, but just to be clear. It’s a form of atmospheric doom/sludge kind of metal. In the mist of Cult of Luna. But that’s just one way to make you understand what kind of music we’re dealing of. The sound might be like “Cult of Luna”, but “The Moth Gatherer” has developed a very unique sound. More melodic, and a bit darker, but still really heavy and actually, for me, and with songs that you really remember!

I did a review of their second album “The Earth Is The Sky (one of my first reviews ever actually!), and I fell in love with that album. But on this new album, they have really taken several steps forward and really made an album that is truly amazing! Every songs and pieces really fits together.

For me, this can really be THE album of the year! And it’s only February!!

This is a truly beatiful, dark and heavy album! You really wanna have it in you collection!

My favourite song is of course the last song, “Phosphorescent Blight” – a 12 minutes song, with riffs, and a feeling of “never want it to end”!

The album will be released on Feruary 22nd via Agonia Records

The Moth Gatherer is here:


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