The start of heavy metal!

(In Swedish, just a couple of rows further down!)

The Spotify-playlist of october!

OK, so the playlist for October took a bit longer to finish that I first thought… But here it is! It’s a playlist that is kind of a tribute to all of those bands that once started a bit of heavier rock, and what ended up to what we today call heavy metal, death metal, black metal… you name it!

It’s a list that really bring out all of the bands that were pioneers in the 70s! Or some of them… There are so many and I don’t really know them all… But, according to me, this is the start of the heavy metal today! Get ready for 2 hours of great classic and heavy music!

So, this time we go to the 70s. I was thinking that in November we visit the 80s. Shit, that’s gonna be a long list! 😀

Scroll down to find the playlist!

m/ Peps

Here’s the Swedish version!

Spotify-listan för oktober!

OK, oktober-spellistan tog lite lĂ€ngre tid pĂ„ sig Ă€n tĂ€nk… Men nu Ă€r den hĂ€r! Det Ă€r en spellista som Ă€r en liten tribute till alla band som en gĂ„ng startade den hĂ„rdare rocken, som till slut blev det vi idag kallar heavy metal, death metal, black metal… you name it!

Det Ă€r en lista som lyfter fram alla de förgrundsband som hĂ€rjade pĂ„ 70-talet! Eller en del av dem… det finns sĂ„ mĂ„nga och jag har verkligen inte koll pĂ„ alla. Men hĂ€r Ă€r enligt mig, starten av dagens heavy metal! Gör er redo för tvĂ„ timmar av klassisk heavy musik!

SĂ„, den hĂ€r gĂ„ngen besökte vi 70-talet. Jag tĂ€nkte att vi i november kommer besöka 80-talet. Fan, det kommer bli en lĂ„ng lista! 😀

m/ Peps


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