The topic of my weekend; Days of Anger

Last Friday, it just happened that me and my brother went to The Saga Salongen in my cozy hometown Torshälla to see The Damn Stars, a two man band, playing acoustic metal covers.

A really fun night, with a lot of great music, and I also got to talk a bit to Alex and Peter, and they promised me that I could do an interview with them!

Anyway, speaking of Alex, he was a member of Fatal Smile until they decided to call it a quit a couple of years ago, and today he ‘s doing the vocals for Days of Anger, a hard heavy metal / thrash metal band from Eskilstuna (almost my hometown…) And it made me remember that I really like that band, and it should really be more about them on our “up-and-coming”- Spotify-playlist! So I added some tunes and also, you can find some videos right here:

DAYS OF ANGER – A Case Of Insanity

DAYS OF ANGER – All Pigs Must Die:

Here’s some links to the bands:
DAYS OF ANGER on Facebook
DAYS OF ANGER on Spotify
The Damn Stars on Facebook

And finally, the CRANNK-playlist!:

The image is borrowed from:


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