TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS (Featuring Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn) Release New Video And Debut EP

Symphonic metal band TORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS have released their debut EP As If We Never Existed. The enthralling pairing was once known as ANGTORIA and consists of Sarah Jezebel Deva and Chris Rehn (DREAMSTATE, TAKIDA). With the EP”s release, the pair have also unleashed a stunning video for the track “The Woman That Never Was

Both musicians hold strong legacies. Sarah became a part of CRADLE OF FILTH at the age of 16, and took part in some of their biggest albums and tours until 2008. Additional past work of Deva’s includes HECATE ENTHRONED, THE KOVENANT, THERION, MORTIIS, and more. Chris has been a part of ABYSSOS, ANGTORIA, and EVERGREY. He currently plays with Sweden’s DREAMSTATE and TAKIDA

In January of 2021, Deva and Rehn revealed their first song together in nearly two decades, “The Beauty Of Deception”, and proved they still know how to send chills from your ears to your feet. Deva’s hypnotic voice intertwines perfectly with Rehn’s dark, heavy riffs, and captivating orchestral melodies. 

Dive deep into the midnight pool of their new addictive EP, As If We Never Existed. These compositions showcase Deva’s remarkable vocal range with beautiful compositions, suffused with lush orchestrations and heavy, electrifying riffs. This 5-track release will undoubtedly keep you coming back, and leave you craving more! 



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