Vilify Make Their Debut With New Single “HABIT” and Announce ‘CLARITY’ Ep

Today Newcastle’s Vilify make their debut with new single “Habit” – a brutal introduction to the brand new melodic hardcore trio. “Habit” marks the first single to lead the way for the forthcoming EP ‘Clarity‘, due for release December 4.

Premiering on triple j Unearthed Tops on Tuesday night with a play on Short. Fast. Loud on Wednesday night and a video premiere at Maniacs yesterday, “Habit” has already been making the rounds. The song is about addiction. To drugs, to alcohol, to unhealthy behaviour. Addiction to everything and anything that can consume you.

The band explains that”‘Habit‘ is a plea for strength to both loved ones and to ourselves. It’s about how life has so many beautiful moments and opportunities but too many people (including us) find themselves on a dark path of destructive habits, which numb both the darkness and the light.”

Vilify is Amy McIntosh (The Beautiful MonumentLiberties) on vocals, Kieran Jackson (SETMEONFIRE, Liberties) on drums and Deni Hourihan (Cold Era) on guitars. The trio formed as a group of friends who met within the local heavy music scene and connected over shared interests and musical direction.

Together Vilify have been sharing influences and developing their ideas and sound in preparation for the launch of the ‘Clarity’ EP.  “Habit” represents the essence of the upcoming release with its overall theme of self worth. The next chapters explore a diversity in sound and emotional perspective.

“Habit” is out now and available on all streaming platforms and digital stores. ‘Clarity’ will be available Friday December 4.


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