About Metaldad

Hailing from the deep recesses of country South Australia, a wicked, dry, hell hole known as Loxton, born in 1979 (what a year) growing up as a fan of the brutal Australian, John Farnham before turning to the dark side and heading down the path of Poison and Motley Crue, at this stage Metallica was the most brutal thing I had ever heard but I persisted and soon enough it was the norm, Pantera and Sepultura soon followed, everything was going swimmingly until that faitful day on 2004 when I was woke to the news that Dime was dead, my favourite band? I’d never get to see them live. After that music sort of changed, I got into black metal more and I made a point of going to see bands live. Slipknot, Slayer (with Jeff), DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, Fear Factory, Hell Yeah, Behemoth and many more…


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