About Jai

I was born in 1980 in QLD, and was raised on the music my mum listened to at the time, which was healthy doses of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Tracy Chapman, Iggy Pop. Anyway you get the idea but from an early age there always music around.

Then around 13 I discovered metal and started listening to Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Metallica, Pantera. The first live show that I went to was Metallica 1998 in Adelaide, then Slayer, Machine Head, korn, Soulfly, Trivium and numerous other shows since that first one in ’98.

I love all metal regardless of genre or style, metal is the life blood that beats in this heart of mine.

I am passionate about the Australian Metal scene and will try to share as much of this as I can to you all.Jai with Segression at New Dead