This is our story

Our story begins with three people coming together at Twitter and Facebook and became friends. Adrian “Metal-Dad Australia” Dixon came up with the idea to start a webpage together and write about music. Said and done! Adrian, Peps and Marie started a blog with the name Blacksmith (it’s still up here:

A couple of years later we came up with the idea of supporting and promoting new bands all over the globe and so CRANNK was born.

Later we took on Jai who is a metal-fanatic and loves the Australian metal scene. A year after that Mike came along. He is also a fanatic, but he’s really into Australian punk music. In the meantime, Adrian has taken a step back (we hope he will return one day when he realizes that CRANNK is more important that work 😊), and Marie is our graphical designer. Peps hasn’t always the time, but he still tries to cover Swedish/Scandinavian music.