Crannk Reviews Yoth Iria – EP “Under His Sway”

Yoth Iria is a phenomenon! It’s Magic, it’s Metal, it’s Freedom! It’s the long-awaited return of Grand ‘Mutilator’ (Co-Founder of Rotting Christ, Varathron) back to the scene!

But there is more, it’s Devil, it’s Demonas, it’s Nightmare and i say so because of the fact that lucifer himself has joined forces – nobody could ever fit better than him “The Magus” (ex-Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Thou Art Lord and more)

“Under His Sway” is not just a debut EP, in terms of the simplicity! It is Yoth Iria’s first born son who transmuted into a cursed infant and then became a dead spirit, a spirit that conquered the underworld and arose the deities of Darkness, Chaos and Eternal Damnation.

‘Under His Sway’ released on Repulsive Echo Records some days ago, it contains three tracks including a cover of ‘Visions Of the Dead Lover’ off the mighty old-school Rotting Christ.


  1. Under His Sway
  2. Sid-Ed-Djinn
  3. Visions of the Dead Lover 

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