DISCONNECTED SOULS Release Music Video For “Delirium”

DISCONNECTED SOULS bring their latest single “Delirium” to life in the ‘deadly’ night club setting of their new music video. It’s a night out to remember, but there’s no guarantee you’ll make it home alive… 

Felix Luca King comments:

“Working on ‘Delirium’ was a blast – we had a looser pitch here than for our previous video, ‘Dissonant Whispers’, allowing lot of leeway to work with our videographer on-location to get some great shots. It was also a nice opportunity to invite some extras on set – music is often about collaboration, of all kinds!”

The club-esque anthem draws together the heavy with hip-hop elements all entwined together in the outfit’s eclectic style. Taken from their debut conceptional album Fragments of Consciousness, set to be released on January 19th, 2024, the band pushes further boundaries of compositional and musical arrangements as they venture into darker realms. 

Matthew Simon Fletcher (Fletch): Guitars, keys, bass, programming and backing vocals
​Holly F Royle: Guitars, clean vocals, keys and programming
​Patrick Lloyd: Clean & harsh vocals, programming
Felix Luca King: Clean vocals, synths, programming
​Tim Jenkins: Synths, keys, programming and guitars


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