2023 by Peps

The time has come to summon the year 2023 while the new year’s still fresh. For me, all I need is two words: Orbit Culture!

I discovered Orbit Culture, well almost exactly 2 years ago with the EP Shaman, and from that day I was hooked and I have spent two years discovering their back catalog ever since. Last year they had two releases, the album “Decent” and the mini-EP “The Forgotten”. The Forgotten contains last year’s absolut best song “While We Serve” – what a banger! Six minutes of pure anger and frustration about the state of the world.

I have to say that I found most other music rather dull and bland. Very few bands that really caught my attention. Although when I read all these best-of-lists that are out there, I have to say that there are many albums that I haven’t listened to, so I’ve probably missed some stuff.

But what I really can not understand are the praises and the hype about Metallica’s new album “72 Seasons”. Lux Aeterna is the only song from that album that I can listen to. I must say that I liked “Hardwired” better!

However, I managed to find some other interesting albums, although not that many. But enough with the complaints, here is the rest of my list:

The Baboon Show: God Bless You All

A Swedish punk rock band that started as an only live band in 2003:

Avatar: Dance Devil Dance

Well, Avatar is Avatar, melodic death from Sweden:

Strevellna: Strevellna

New Swedish band, with songs in Swedish:

Sleep Token: Take Me Back To Eden

No introduction needed I guess…

U.D.O. – Touchdown

Legendary Udo Dirkschneider sounded young again I think:

And also an non-metal album:

Armadillo King: Forever With Me

From my home state, a very emotional album:


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