What about CRANNK?

CRANNK wants to rock your world and we’re all about supporting and promoting all new bands out there! We’re all about metal/punk music!

Do you wanna be heard? We will give you a chance!
Send contact and review materaial via email at info@crannk.com

CRANNK is Europe, Australia, Canada and everything there in between.

We are the tool between fans and bands!

This is who we are:

Peps – Founder and in touch with Swedish music. Love things that sounds like Iron Maiden…
Adrian – Founder and The mythical Australian Metal-Dad
Marie – Founder and our Canadian art-worker
Jai That Aussie Metal Guy! The most metal of us! Hard working Aussie – metal dude!
Mike – Aussie punk, founder of Punktoria, smasher of guitars, writer of punk reviews for crannk.

Want to know more? This is our story!

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